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25 Random Funny Pictures Of Today’s

“Wow 3 tattoos.. those are pretty permanent you know”

Me: wow 3 kids.. those are pretty damn permanent CAROL

School Desk: 50 megaton nuclear blast

Kid in the 50s

I hate it when people act like color doesn’t matter.

You can’t just make a change like that without changing the whole integrity of the character.

Everyone knows Lara Croft would never use guns with orange tips.

Florida Zoo fires Zoo keeper after she was caught moaning in lunch room while Chimpanzee sucked on her toe.

I knew it was gone be crazy when I read Florida.

Meryl Streep suggests we stop using term “toxic masculinity.” It’s harmful to boys. Plus, she says “women can be pretty f***ing toxic.” She’s right.

When you’re a demon chilling in hell and suddenly you hear shotgun sounds and heavy metal in the distance.

My dad said king kong would beat godzilla i printed this out and hung it on his door.

“Family friend went camping 30 years ago and heard a noise. She stuck her camera outside her tent and snapped this picture.”

The Avangers: Black widow dying


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